Redlining map of Lynchburg, Virginia ca. 1936.


West End, or the C1 area of Lynchburg as evaluated by the HOLC.

West End
The C1 area of Lynchburg is more recently known as the West End. Residents in this neighborhood in the 1930s were mostly unskilled laborers. 
The HOLC area description for the neighborhood indicates a variety of smaller patterns and communities within the C1 neighborhood, noting “there are about 25 new houses rating ‘B’” along Mansfield and Kenyon Streets, while “from Oakley to Talbot and east of Talbot between Norman & Banker ‘D’ rating.”
Since the HOLC survey for the neighborhood, commercial development has overtaken residential uses, owing to the growth of Lynchburg College next door. Few of the residential buildings from the 1930s remain.