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HOLC's redlining map of Roanoke, Virginia

Redlining map section of the area designated as D1 by the HOLC, otherwise known as Church Hill.

HOLC redlining map of Richmond, Vriginia

Section of the Norfolk redlining map focused on the region designated as D3 by the HOLC, otherwise known as Lambert's Point.

HOLC redlining map of Richmond, Virginia ca. 1930s

Little Italy, west of Chicago’s central business district, was a dense ethnic neighborhood that HOLC officials concluded was risky for residential investment. The area saw little investment until the late 1950s, when state and federal initiatives…

Portrait of Richard Ely. Ely had formed strong ties between the academy and private sector, putting him in a strong position to advise when Congress created the HOLC and FHA. Ely had advised the National Association of Real Estate Boards (NAREB) in…

“Redlining” security map for Atlanta, GA

These three maps for the south side of Chicago illustrate the stark color line separating the Black Belt neighborhoods from white neighborhoods in the city. Even as the African American population grew in the Great Migration, the city remained…

Brownsville, Brooklyn, depicted in this street scene, was a poor but densely settled neighborhood. It was a center of social activism--Margaret Sanger established the first birth control clinic in the United States there in 1916 and the community was…
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